About Me

My name - as you may have guessed - is Rupert and like most people my age, I am 35.

Photography is and has always been a love of mine, since I decided to pursue my childhood passion for photography as a career. I truly love photography and thoroughly enjoy the experiences I have gained from it.  

Since I took my first camera apart on my 7th birthday to see how it worked - much to the dismay of the lady who had kindly given it to me - I was always the one responsible for handing in 10+ rolls of film when we returned from a family holiday and, completely oblivious to the cost of development, couldn't wait to get them back to see what I had captured. I am extremely grateful to my parents for nurturing this interest from a young age, even if the decision to turn my back on a law degree and pursue it as a career may have surprised them a little.

For me, photography is and always has been about truth and recording actual events - not about fabricating something using software and computers. While editing is now an integral part of the process in digital image making, capturing 'the moment' is what motivates me.